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Baldwin County events are mostly arts and community-focused activities.

They’re more than just beach parties and historical gatherings. The area actually offers some of the most diverse and energetic activities in the state. It’s a combination of music, arts, a little of the in-betweens, and a couple of fun events that are outside the box. There’s always something happening. So you can immerse yourself in local culture right off the bat and integrate into the community without any trouble. If you ever get tired of vibing it out, you can also volunteer and participate in the events to gain great experiences you can tell your grandchildren. If you want to move into somewhere with a flurry of activity, call us now so we can get you settled.

Fairhope Arts And Crafts Festival

In 2023, Fairhopers commemorated 71 years since the inception of the Fairhope Arts & Crafts Festival. Established in 1953 as a component of the Mobile Jaycees’ Azalea Trail and Mobile Mardi Gras, the original event was planned to attract visitors from the Mobile area across the bay and show off the artistry of Eastern Shore residents. In 1978, artists exhibited their works on sidewalks instead of inside buildings. Then the 90s saw a dramatic increase in participation. More than 700 applications were received for the first time. The same year saw the festival in Sunshine Artist Magazine’s Top 200 Festivals in the United States for the first time, an accolade they have been awarded annually since then. In the present day, the festival includes more than 200 artists, food vendors, and live art demonstrations.

Fairhope Mardi Gras

Even though Mardi Gras parades trace back to Mobile, Alabama, Fairhope has embraced the event in its own distinctive way. Mardi Gras is a key component of Fairhope’s culture, and the parades are a valued tradition that draws the town together. The parade route varies, but it generally takes place in the afternoon in downtown Fairhope. Mardi Gras is a celebration with colorful parades, including horses, floats, and music. Throwing beads and doubloons to those watching the parades is also customary. So practice catching and throwing before you go. North Church Street, Mullet Point, Fairhope Avenue, South Section Street, and De La Mare Avenue are good places to see it.

Hangout Music Festival (Gulf Shores)

The Zislins established the Hangout Music Festival in November 2009. The Gulf Shores City Council approved the festival in December 2009. The Hangout Music Festival takes place every year in Gulf Shores. It is one of the most anticipated music events in the country, similar to Coachella. The event is noted for its diverse music lineup, coastal location, and lively energy. The Hangout Music Festival is held over three days in May, featuring over 40 bands and artists performing on different stages. Headliners like the Foo Fighters and Red Hot Chili Peppers have performed here. You can also visit stations like the Cuervo Express, Jim Beam Backyard, The Aperol Spritz Experience, and the Twisted Tea Sweet Tea Whiskey Piano Bar.

Blue Angels Air Show

The Blue Angels are a United States Navy aviation demonstration unit. The squad was founded in 1946 and is the second-oldest official aerobatic team in the world. It conducts about 60 events annually in 30 cities across the United States and two in Canada. They would fly across the gulf coast if time and fuel levels permitted. However, during its beach gigs in Pensacola, Florida, the crew has expanded their flythroughs to the region. So residents in places like Orange Beach can witness flyovers and turnarounds without attending the air show.

Elberta German Sausage Festival

The Elberta German Sausage Festival, hosted by the Elberta Volunteer Fire Department since 1978, is a biannual fundraiser on the last Saturday of March and October. With nearly 30,000 visitors and selling 7,000 pounds of sausage, proceeds are used to better the fire department and the town. Furthermore, local non-profits can also reap the benefits from the festival as they can earn money through their booth sales and parking lot fees. The classic recipe of the delicious Elberta sausage is accredited to Alfred Stucki, who was in charge of Elberta’s Locker Plant from 1953 to 1973. Though the formula has been adjusted throughout the years, the original formulation remains closely guarded. Other delicious foods at the event include German-style filled cabbage, potato salad, hamburgers, and BBQ sandwiches. There are also arts & crafts, rides, and German music.

Baldwin County Strawberry Festival

In 1987, the Baldwin County Strawberry Festival was established due to a collaboration between the Association of Retarded Citizens of Baldwin County (ARCBC) and Loxley Elementary School. It has grown exponentially from humble beginnings with just a handful of food vendors and artisans. It now includes 160 craft exhibitors, food stalls, a lively carnival, entertaining children’s games, an antique auto show, petting and riding animals, and live music. The event was moved from the first Saturday of May to the second weekend of April in 1996 and relocated to the Loxley Municipal Park in 1999 to facilitate further growth. This location has enabled the festival to evolve and even become a two-day affair.

The Theatre On The Bluff In Fairhope

Back in 2013, the creator of Eastern Shore Repertory Theatre was in search of a location to unite the local area with theatre. Ever since, the spring show has consistently increased in popularity, with tickets being sold out days ahead online. In order to secure a seat, those attending must arrive in line ahead of time. This show has grown to become an iconic occurrence for Eastern Shore as it truly portrays the area’s excellent artistic offerings. With popular productions such as Pippin and Godspell, the recently held Beauty and The Beast was another spectacular success. Its cast is also as diverse as its audience, taking picks from students to adults looking to live their thespian dream. It’s one of the awaited Baldwin County Alabama events each year.

Magical Christmas Parade In Fairhope

There are multiple Christmas events Baldwin County AL hosts. The Fairhope Magical Christmas Parade is one of the yearly festivities that Fairhopers look forward to. It’s a parade filled with lights, music, and cheer. Families and locals come together as a community to welcome the most wonderful time of the year. Various businesses also join the parade every year and have done things like throwing stuffed bears to the crowd and giving out candy. You can also spot several holiday-themed floats. Floats based on characters like Elsa from Disney’s Frozen have graced the event and brought smiles to the children. Despite the cool stereotype, Christmas is a hot time for residents to eat out at some of the local businesses. You could also meet Santa Clause to ask for a gift if you’ve been nice.

Fairhope Lighting Of The Trees

The Rotary Club acquired and cared for 15 Bradford Pear trees on Fairhope Avenue in the 1980s. Joyce Stowe opted to adorn the trees in front of Stowe’s Jewelers for the holidays with glittering lights. She enlisted the help of the city’s electrical superintendent to power the lights on the trees. The Bradford Pears grew, and more people realized the significance of stringing lights in trees. So more trees were planted, and the yearly “Lighting of the Trees” became a tradition. In preparation for the event, around one million lights are installed over the course of many months.

Fairhope Witches Ride

A witches ride is simply a large parade in which ladies aged 18 and above dress up as witches and parade on bikes, golf carts, or on their own two feet. They’ll be flinging candy, flaunting their imaginative attire, and generally having a fantastic time. So, before you run out with your pitchforks, remember that the witches are merely ladies dressed up as witches. It’s a lot of fun for viewers and a lot of fun for participants. The most admirable aspect about the witch rides is that they frequently serve as fundraisers for worthy organizations. Several cities showcase this event. In 2022, four participating cities threw a Witches Ride.

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