Things to Consider When Choosing Baldwin County Home Builders

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Building a home is an exciting endeavor. It is often filled with anticipation and countless possibilities and will be one of your most significant investments.

However, turning your dream home into reality requires finding the right home builder.

Baldwin County is home to some of Alabama’s upbeat and on-the-go communities. It is why searching for home builders needs careful consideration, like in any other state.

This comprehensive guide highlights what you should consider when choosing a Baldwin County home builder to facilitate the creation of your much-awaited home.

By considering the factors we will go through, you can confidently venture on your home-building journey, ensuring that your home investment is in capable hands and tailored to your preferences.

Home Builders/Contractors in Baldwin County, AL

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Baldwin County is home to various contractors specializing in different construction areas.

Some contractors’ service focuses on residential projects, including custom home building, renovations, and additions.

Others offer commercial construction and handling projects such as office buildings, retail spaces, and hospitality establishments.

Understanding contractors’ expertise and experience will help you find the right match for your home building scope and requirements.

Here are a few of the home builders in Baldwin County that you can contact and hire as you build your home in the area.

Builder/CompanyContact NumberDescription
Adams Homes, LLC 251-625-0601

Adams Homes delivers quality new homes at an affordable price.

Their residential projects are built with "Value, Simplified" in mind.

They will also guide you through the decision-making process of where and how you want your future home to be.

Aiken Design and Construction251-928-6321

Aiken Design focuses on design, carpentry, custom trim, millwork, and fine carpentry.

Their works encompass home building, renovation, and custom master bath and kitchen.

ARK Builders, LLC251-621-1752

ARK Builders, LLC is another Baldwin County contractor committed to building charming and efficient homes.

They will listen to your needs, set realistic guidelines and quotations to help you stick to budgets, draw home plans that suit your needs, and guide you through the process.

Arthur Rutenberg Homes800-274-6637

Arthur Rutenberg Homes is a custom home builder focusing mainly on luxury properties and offers quality craftsmanship with attention to detail.

The company has been in the home-building business for 70 years and has gained a reputation for delivering quality homes to satisfied customers.

Bass Homes, Inc.251-937-4935

Bass Homes, Inc. provides unique and personalized custom homes in Alabama to meet the buyer's needs. They offer twenty-seven house plans to choose from.

Their home style focuses on traditional and the classics, including lots of porches, steep roofs, fireplaces, bay windows, dormers, cathedral ceilings, and decks.

Batten Builders, LLC251-510-3400Batten Builders, LLC specializes in new constructions using concrete for safer, stronger, and more efficient homes.
Benchmark Homes Group251-473-8600

Benchmark Homes Group offers affordable home building throughout Mobile and Baldwin County.

The homes they built on-site have thoughtfully designed floor plans with quality craft, modern amenities, and outstanding value.

You can select from their different floor plans to find the one that caters to or suits your personal style and requirements.

Ben Murphy Company, Inc.251-943-7144Ben Murphy Company, Inc. is located in Foley but also serves Alabama statewide and provides home construction, roof installation, and renovation services.
D.R. Horton251-447-0329

D.R. Horton provides home-building services to first-time homebuyers or empty nesters in Baldwin County.

Their high-quality creations feature unique, personalized services tailored to your demands.

DSLD Homes256-970-6351

DSLD Homes is one of the largest private home builders in Alabama.

They offer affordable service while ensuring that the materials used in your home are of high quality.

DSLD Homes also provide different house plan series and amenities packages built to suit their customers' varying preferences.

Harris Doyle Home(205) 307-5366

Harris Doyle Home is one of Alabama's leading residential developers and a new home builder.

Residences curated by them are known for cutting-edge style and use the best products and materials that fit your lifestyle.

Their team will guide you from choosing communities and floor plans that best fit your family's needs to financing to the designing process to construction and closing.

Randy Broadway Custom Homes251-649-4716

Randy Broadway Custom Homes focus on bespoke home building and remodeling in and around Mobile, Alabama.

Besides home building and remodeling, they offer green building and light commercial construction services.

Truland Homes251-621-0850

Truland Homes is a distinguished private home builder along the Alabama Gulf Coast and Florida Panhandle.

Their homes are built with more height, light, open floor plans, and handcrafted details.

Valere, LLC251-316-4302

Valere, LLC specializes in constructing single-family homes and multi-family residences in Baldwin County.

Their service includes custom homes with personalized interior design at an affordable price.

They also offer different home plans that you can choose to find the one that will suit your preferred lifestyle.

Wachter & Company251-379-4444

Wachter & Company in Alabama focuses on building custom homes and renovation.

They will also guide you from finding land to brainstorming ideas for house plans to understanding the covenants and restrictions of the home-building process.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Home Builder in Baldwin County

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This section will explore the key factors you should consider to ensure a seamless and rewarding home-building journey in Baldwin County.

By carefully selecting your home builder, you can make a sound decision that aligns with your needs.

It also ensures a successful and satisfactory home-building experience that will meet the homeowner’s expectations.

Ultimately, the result is a beautiful and functional home you can enjoy for years!

Check Their Experience and Reputation

Search about the builder's experiences and track record of delivering quality homes. Look for reviews and references from past clients.

A builder with a solid reputation and satisfied customers will likely meet your expectations.

Browse their Past Works

Browse their portfolio or projects they have completed to give you a generic overview of the home builder's style and process.

It also provides you with an idea of their craftsmanship, attention to detail, materials used, and overall design aesthetics to see that their service aligns with your preferences.

Do They Offer Customization Services?

Have some ideas about your dream home in your head?

If you have specific design preferences or customization requirements, find a home builder that offers customized home building to accommodate them.

Some builders may specialize in certain architectural styles or have limitations on customization, while some can work closely with you in bringing your vision to life!

Verify Their LicenseVerify that the builder holds the licenses and certifications required to avoid problems and ensure they meet the legal requirements for construction and have the necessary expertise.
Check for Communication and Transparency

Throughout the home-building process, clear communication is crucial. Look for a builder who is responsive, upfront, and eager to provide regular project updates.

A builder that actively involves you in decision-making and responds to your concerns immediately is more likely to give a smooth and satisfying experience.

Baldwin County Home Builders Association

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The Baldwin County Home Builders Association (BCHBA) is a professional trade organization chartered in 1973.

The Association’s founders established a committee representing and advocating for the home-building industry in Baldwin County, Alabama.

The goal is to strengthen the community, assist companies involved, and inform them about important topics affecting the building industry.

They also provide numerous services to Baldwin County housebuilders, developers, remodelers, suppliers, and service providers.

One crucial aspect of their mission is to offer educational opportunities.

They organize events, seminars, and workshops to advance members’ knowledge and abilities, promote best practices in the business, and keep members informed of the most recent trends and laws in the home-building sector.

The Baldwin County Home Builders Association also offers members options for peer-to-peer networking to get in touch, work together, and exchange ideas with other experts in the field.

It acts as a center for networking, enabling members to establish connections with suppliers, builders, and other stakeholders in the housing industry.

The BCHBA also takes part in advocacy efforts, speaking up for the interests of its members at the local, state, and federal levels.

They collaborate closely with government, policymakers, and community organizations to shape the laws, regulations, and initiatives affecting Baldwin County’s home-building sector.

Although the primary focus of the BCHBA is to advocate and support the interests of its members, it can also be a valuable resource for homebuyers looking for homebuilders in Baldwin County.

The BCHBA maintains a member directory with information about its builder and contractor members, which homebuyers can access through their website.

Tips for Building a Home in Baldwin County, AL

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Building a home is a significant milestone, requiring countless decisions, each with substantial weight and impact.

Every conclusion you make influences your dream home’s outcome and directly affects your comfort, lifestyle, and long-term satisfaction.

Check out these tips for building a home in Baldwin County, AL, and make your dream home a reality!

Don’t let the building process overwhelm you. With these pointers, you will be walking toward your dream home in no time!

Tip 1Find A Suitable Location

Finding the ideal parcel of land in Baldwin County is the first step in building your dream house.

You will find several neighborhoods offering conveniences, natural beauty, recreation, and opportunities.

As you begin your hunt for land, a few things to remember include lot size, proximity to a town, zoning, utility sources, local bylaws, internet and cell service, and property taxes.

To ensure you will enjoy your home now and in the following years, research and ensure you know a plot of land from top to bottom before purchasing it.

You'll want your home to be the perfect place for you or your family for years.

Tip 2Search and Choose Your Builder

As you build your home, you'll hire contractors to help and guide you throughout your home-building endeavor.

While you may employ one builder to manage the entire project, many vendors and contractors are needed for their expertise.

Several home-building companies in Baldwin County go above and beyond for your home to ensure you get precisely the dream home you have in mind!

Tip 3Setting Timeline and Budgeting

A realistic timeline and budget are essential as you build your home.

Unfortunately, things will likely take longer or be more expensive than you expected initially. You must adjust to changes while also enjoying the experience.

Building a home is an incredible period in your life. You can customize everything to your and your family's needs, so take advantage of it!

Tip 4Choose Your Floor Plan

In building a house in Baldwin County, you can choose the floor plan you prefer in the same way you can select the parcel of land you want.

Some home builders in Baldwin County offer various floor plans you can navigate to find one that meets your needs and ideas for your home.

But note that options may depend on budget and if the plan you want can be built on the lot since some floor plans can only be made on a specific lot or may need an additional fee.

Tip 5Permits

Obtaining permits during the home-building journey is an essential aspect that can vary significantly depending on your location in Baldwin County.

Knowing the permits required throughout construction is crucial to ensure compliance with local regulations and codes.

Some commonly needed permits include building permits, electrical permits, septic permits, and mechanical permits.

Consulting with your chosen home builder in Baldwin County, AL, will clarify the permits necessary for your home-building project.

Here's a helpful hint: you can get a discount when purchasing all your permits simultaneously!

Save your money where you can, as building a house can get expensive quickly.

Tip 6Consider Alabama's Climate

Discuss climate with your builder when you plan to build a house in Baldwin County.

For instance, in Spring, Alabama has an extreme weather season, where tornadoes and severe storms occur.

Heatwaves combined with high humidity can also be an issue during summer in Alabama.

Thus, some locations are at risk for wildfires, and hurricanes and coastal flooding can threaten some areas.

If you consider the climate, your builder can help you determine specific materials to ensure your home is resilient to varying weather conditions.

Things to Consider When Choosing Baldwin County Home Builders

Wrap Up

Building a home in Baldwin County, AL, is an exciting and significant journey.

To ensure a successful home-building, finding the right home builder and considering various factors such as their expertise, reputation, and if services are tailored to your preferences is crucial.

Several tips can also assist you in the home-building process in Baldwin County. Each step requires careful consideration.

Find an ideal location and select a builder to set a realistic timeline and budget, choose a floor plan that suits your needs, obtain the necessary permits, and consider Alabama’s climate when making design decisions regarding materials for your home.

By working with the right home professionals, you can confidently go around your home-building journey in Baldwin County, knowing that your investment is in capable hands.

If you have questions or need help identifying the best places to live in Baldwin County, you can reach out to us thru call, email, or social media, and we’ll be delighted to assist you in your inquiries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The average price per square foot to construct a home ranges from $90 to $137 in Alabama.

Building a 2,000-square-foot home in Alabama would cost approximately between $180,000 and $274,000.

The best home builder in Baldwin County can be subjective, as it depends on the homeowner’s preferences, needs, and experience.

However, based on track records, reviews, and industry reputation, Truland Homes, D.R. Horton, Adam Homes, and DSLD Homes are among the top reputable home builders in Baldwin County.

Properties in Baldwin County are mostly outfitted with Southern Colonial, Contemporary, Craftsman, Barndominium, Mediterranean, Coastal Cottage, Traditional, and Ranch.