How to Get the Best Out of Your Living in Fairhope, Alabama

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Fairhope is a vibrant town known for its lovely parks, art galleries, gift shops, seafood restaurants, and sweeping panoramic views of Mobile Bay. Fairhope is also esteemed as one of the most charming towns in the South, where people are inviting and friendly.

If you are considering moving to this welcoming, vibrant town full of arts, culture, shopping, and beautiful parks, here are a few things you need to know so you can get the best out of your Fairhope, Alabama living.

It is Affordable to Live in Fairhope, AL

You’ll be very pleased to know that the cost of living in Fairhope, Alabama is just slightly above the national average. The overall cost-of-living (COL) index of Fairhope is 101.3, 1.3% higher than the rest of the nation.

There’s Plenty of Ways to Enjoy the Outdoors in Fairhope, AL

The city of Fairhope is known and loved for its beautiful parks and nature preserves, but there’s so much more residents can do outdoors.

Ways to Enjoy the Outdoors in Fairhope AL
Take a stroll along Municipal Pier and enjoy views across Mobile Bay and the Gulf Coast, sit and watch the sea birds, or go fishing.
The pier extends to a park with a lovely rose garden, a fountain, walking trails, a sandy beach, a duck pond, and picnic tables.
There are benches, restrooms, a restaurant, and shaded areas on the pier.
There is also a marina next to the pier.

Mary Ann Nelson Beach is one of the best sections of the beach where Mobile and Weeks Bay connect.
This beautiful beach is perfect for relaxing or having fun with the family.
This public access beach has onsite picnic tables and free parking nearby.
Bohemian Park is one of Fairhope’s nicest green spaces, with trails for hiking and biking.
There is a lake where you can paddle in the water or hire a paddleboat.
The park also has several picnic areas where you can sit and eat your lunch.
It’s a great family location and a nice place to take a quick dip in the water.
Weeks Bay Plantation is famous for its organic blueberries and wild blackberries.
You can go fruit picking or buy your own blueberry plant.
Stroll around the open fields, explore the farm and enjoy the wildlife.
You might also want to explore and learn about the agriculture in the area.

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Oak Hollow Farm is a historic property that spans over 300 acres, consisting of aging oak trees, rolling pastures, and lakes.
There are various activities you’ll definitely enjoy here, including hayrides, horseback riding, archery, skeet shooting, and exploring the farmland.
Aside from catch-and-release fishing, the farm also hosts dove and pheasant hunts throughout the year.
Rock Creek Golf Club is one of the best golf courses in Southern Alabama.
Designed by renowned architect Earl Stone, this is a playable course suitable for all skill levels, with some challenges along the way.
Make sure you visit its award-winning restaurant and try The Ace – Chef’s Signature Burger, Apple Pecan Salad, and Chicken Bacon Philly Quesadilla.
North Park Beach is a popular spot for picnics and for watching the sunset.
Take a stroll along the park and you’ll see the beautiful landscape on one side and stunning coastal views on the other.
You can also see Fairhope Municipal Pier from the beach.

Fairhope, AL’s Art and Cultural Scene is Worth Exploring

Get to know Fairhope’s rich history and acquaint yourself with some of the up-and-coming local artists in town.

Fairhope Museum of History is one of the top tourist attractions in Fairhope, AL.
Housed in the building that was once the City Hall, the museum features an extensive collection of artifacts that show the city’s rich history.
Some of the artifacts displayed here date back to the earliest Native American residents, as well as Fairhope’s clay pottery history.
Some other topics and periods of history covered in the museum include the Single Tax theory, the Jubilee phenomenon, and Fairhope’s founders.
Art enthusiasts must visit the Eastern Shore Art Center and join at least one of the workshops and classes held throughout the year.
The center has five galleries that feature work by artists working with different mediums from all over the country.
Every year, there is an outdoor art exhibition.

Art Exhibitions at Eastern Shore Art Center

Theater98 is a local theater company that performs a wide range of productions in an intimate, historic building.
This small community theater company includes actors, ushers, designers, singers, dancers, and members with many other roles.
Their shows are quite popular, so make sure you book tickets in advance.

Indulge in Gastronomic Experiences

Fairhope’s also popular for its delicious food. Living in this city should be a gastronomic adventure.

The restaurant was opened by Rick and Gari Gambino in 1975.
The same family still runs Gambino’s Italian Grill, which is now one of the most popular restaurants in Fairhope.
The restaurant is a favorite among residents, especially for celebratory meals.
The menu consists of classic Italian dishes, including pasta, pizzas, steaks, and seafood.
The restaurant also has an excellent wine list and entertainment is scheduled throughout the week.
This specialty restaurant has been in downtown Fairhope for over ten years.
Owned by Joe Ou, who combines his Japanese training with his love for American culture in Fairhope to create specialty treats.
You must try these crowd favorites: Shrimp Yasai, Shrimp Teppanyaki, Kushiyaki, and the Seared Tuna with Teriyaki.
This fine dining restaurant located in an old storefront on the main strip of Fairhope reflects the charm of the past with a modern twist.
Locals love their pastries, desserts, and delicious homemade bread.
Some of the bestsellers at R. Bistro include Barbecue Shrimp, Brussels Caesar, Tenderloin Sliders, Slow Roasted Duck Confit, Signature Crawfish Gravy and Biscuits, Beef Tenderloin Stroganoff, and Bronzed Salmon.
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