Local Polo Event with the Local Property, Inc. Family

Local Polo Event with the Local Property
Local Polo Event with the Local Property


A local polo event was held on the expansive polo field managed by Local Property Inc. in October. Polo is one of the oldest recognized team sports in the world and a traditional horseback-riding field sport. Every Friday and Sunday afternoon of the month, the Local Polo Event was held in the vicinity of the area to showcase the equestrian passion of the residents and other guests.

Kasey Brandon Reeves, the Vice President of Sales at Local Property Inc., was among those who took part in the polo match held in the field. Residents and other interested guests are invited to watch as the dynamic and thrilling teams prepare with their horses and take advantage of the lovely weather and perfect polo setting offered by the Local Property Inc.

Guests of all ages will undoubtedly enjoy the event, which includes kid-friendly activities and concession trucks in the vicinity throughout the game. Aside from participating in a fun activity, participants and visitors will have the chance to get to know people from various cultural and social backgrounds throughout the event. This is an excellent opportunity to foster relationships and camaraderie among the locals and members of the neighborhood. The polo family of the Local Property Inc. invites you to participate or watch as we continue to preserve this historic equestrian activity and foster a sense of community amongst ourselves and with one another.