9 Things to Do in Mobile, Alabama

9 things to do in mobile alabama

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One of the oldest cities on the Gulf Coast, Mobile, Alabama, is known for its rich history and culture.

This port city offers visitors exciting, entertaining, and educational experiences year-round. There is plenty to do in Mobile, from uncovering the fascinating history of the Clotilda to celebrating Carnival at the country’s oldest Mardi Gras event.

If you’re planning a vacation to this wonderful city, read on to discover the best things to do in Mobile, Alabama!

Outdoor Adventures for Families

There are a lot of fun things to do in Mobile, Alabama, for families to enjoy. If you’re traveling to Azalea City with your kids, be sure to include these spots in your itinerary.

things to do in mobile alabama, exploring gardens

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Explore Bellingrath Gardens and Home

Located about 25 miles south of Mobile in the town of Theodore, this “Charmed Spot of the South” is a 65-acre estate that features a conservatory, an Asian American garden, a rose garden, a bayou, a boardwalk, and more.

The Bellingrath Museum Home was where Walter and Bessie Bellingrath, who established the gardens, lived until 1934. The gardens are beautiful all throughout the year and doing a tour of the home is highly recommended.

If you’re traveling with your children, you can download educational guides throughout Bellingrath Gardens and Home, where they can learn about bees, butterflies, birds, geography, and plants.

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Adventures at Mobile Bay

During the Civil War, Mobile Bay was a major port for the Confederacy. Today, this shallow inlet, with an average depth of just 10 feet, offers a variety of aquatic activities for the whole family, such as kayaking, paddleboarding, and canoeing, or going on a guided tour or cruise on the bay.

Whatever activities you choose to enjoy with the family, you will surely capture the beautiful views the bay has to offer, particularly at sunset.

things to do in mobile alabama, visit USS Alabama

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USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park

Deemed “Heroine of the Pacific,” the USS Alabama made its first voyage during World War II. The USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park allows you to step back in time and go aboard the battleship. Explore the decks, climb inside gun turrets, get locked in the Brig, and more.

After exploring the battleship, climb inside the USS Drum and see what it was like to fight, live, and sleep in close quarters. During the war, the Drum had a crew of 72, conducted 13 patrols, and sank 15 Japanese ships.

The USS Alabama Museum, the Medal of Honor Aircraft Pavilion, is home to an extensive aircraft collection, historic vehicles, and war artifacts. One of the newest additions is Army One, a restored helicopter used by Presidents Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, and George H. W. Bush.

Cultural Delights in Mobile

Explore the culture and art of Mobile, Alabama, from art museums to theaters and sites that pay homage to the nation’s most celebrated artists.

Pottery making are part of things to do in mobile alabama

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Visit the Mobile Museum of Art

The Mobile Museum of Art houses over 6,400 pieces of fine and decorative art from America, Europe, and Asia in its permanent collection. The collection features both contemporary artwork and classical antiquity.

The museum hosts special exhibitions throughout the year, which highlight select media and artists. Outside, the sculpture trail features several sculptures in a variety of media. Create your own art and join the art classes on pottery, jewelry making, glass fusing, and other art forms.

visit preserved historic rooms, things to do in mobile alabama

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Historical Wonders at Fort Conde

Dedicated to preserving the city’s rich history, Condé-Charlotte Museum was Mobile’s first courthouse and jail before it became a family home and then a house museum.

A tour of this historic building gives you a glimpse of period furnishings, antiques, and other artifacts that reflect the complex history of Mobile, which had been under the control of the French, English, Spanish, Confederate, and American flags.

The museum showcases two Confederate parlors, a British commandant’s room, an American Federal dining room, a French sitting room, a Spanish garden, and more.

Exploring Downtown Mobile

Mobile’s colorful downtown has drawn people for centuries with its quaint, locally-owned art galleries, shops, restaurants, and bars.

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Stroll Along Dauphin Street

The historic Dauphin Street is one of the oldest streets in Mobile, with a history dating back to the city’s founding in 1702. Having witnessed the development and evolution of Mobile over the centuries, it is an appealing destination for history enthusiasts.

Dauphin Street is among the city’s primary cultural and entertainment hubs. It is home to Mobile Symphony Orchestra, Larkins Music Center, and Mobile Saenger Theater.

Lower Dauphin Street, known to locals as LoDa, is the place to go to shop for uniquely Southern items, sought-after antiques, beautiful handmade arts and crafts, charming souvenirs, and colorful Mardi Gras items.

inside the Basilica, things to do in mobile alabama

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Visit the Cathedral-Basilica of the Immaculate Conception

The Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Mobile, AL, is one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the Southern United States. The traditional Roman basilica was designed in 1833 by Claude Beroujon.

The cathedral is known for its rich history and iconic architecture, featuring a 60-foot ceiling, 14 hand-carved statues, and stained-glass windows that were masterfully designed and built by the Franz Mayer Company of Munich, Germany.

Festivals and Events

Mobile, AL, the birthplace of Mardi Gras in the United States, is popular for its vibrant and colorful annual festivals and events.

things to do in mobile alabama, attend the Mardi Gras

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Attend the Mardi Gras Festival

Did you know that Mobile is the birthplace of America’s original Mardi Gras? It originated in 1703 in the port city. The Mardi Gras Mobile celebration begins two and a half weeks before Fat Tuesday, typically between February and early March, depending on the year.

The Carnival entertains nearly a million revelers every year with elaborate themed floats, mounted police, and marching bands winding through downtown Mobile and surrounding areas.

things to do in mobile alabama, Trail with lots of flowers

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Celebrate at the Mobile Azalea Trail Festival

The Mobile Azalea Trail Festival celebrates the beauty of thousands of azaleas in full bloom every spring.

The 2-week event is filled with delightful activities, including The Azalea Trail Run, Festival of Flowers, Bellingrath Gardens and Home, LoDa Art Walk, Mobile Mystery Dinners, City Tours of the Azalea Trail and Historic Mobile, and much more.

Wrap Up

Indeed, there’s so much to look forward to in Mobile, Alabama, year-round. If you’re planning to visit the port city, you’re in for an amazing treat!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the annual events that families with kids can attend in Mobile are Mardi Gras, Christmas Nights of Lights, Festival of Flowers, and Fourth of July Fireworks.

Families visiting Mobile, AL, must include USS ALABAMA Battleship Memorial Park, Mobile Bay, and Bellingrath Gardens & Home in their list of places to go during their vacation.